August 9, 2010

Want stuff from the National?

Over the last 5 days there were a ton of things given away at the National. I won't lie, I am bad at tracking these things down and missed almost all of them. There are plenty of National exclusive cards on eBay that can be had cheap, and some not so cheap.

Both Sooz and myself managed to get a 2010 Topps Heritage Strasburg /999 and had them graded. Unfortunately mine had a tiny dimple on the surface which gave it a 9 total (subs were all 9.5 except 8.5 surface). Mind you I examined the card 90 times and never saw this before submitting it, but whatever. Suzy got a solid BGS 9.5 with all subs as a 9.5, both cards will net us a nice little profit and replace some of the money spent this week.

So, that was that. Then OBak was giving away a set of cards that contained a number of rookies and prospects. The set came in different color backs, different versions, and some were serial numbered /199. You can find the 2010 National Exclusive OBak mini sets on eBay. I did manage to snarf one of those, but missed the since I was there as a vender/exhibitor.

Upper Deck had give away sets as well, I managed to miss every last one. I honestly only found out what the cards were tonight when I finally got back home. If you want to see what the 2010 National Upper Deck Exclusive cards look like or are you can click there. That's how I found out.

There were also 2010 National Panini Exclusive cards that I checked out when I got home.

Clearly I missed a bunch of stuff I could have picked up to resell, but at the same time most of these items were given out after purchasing x number of product.

My focus was bargain bins and looking for some Cano autos. I came up empty handed in the Cano auto department, but did pick up some stuff that I will post pics and scans of when I get home. Sooz and I slept for around 11 minutes the last night we were at the national, so rather than drive home last night I decided to sleep over and drive home today.

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