August 18, 2010

Trip to the shop- I caved.

So today I went over to the card shop with the intent of donating/selling about 4,000 cards. There were cards from our old case breaks that were left over I wanted to sell plus some of my own stuff. Since some of it was half Suzy's, I saved her half and took my part of the money in cardboard.

The shop sometimes buys cards, obviously only if they can re-sell them so two of the boxes were cards I told them to just give to kids because I didn't want them. The rest were mostly complete sets of Masterpieces and some parallels and autos that were left.

This cleared out 5 boxes from my house and I came back with ONE card (plus two bonus cards).

2003 Bowman Chrome First Year Robbie Cano (I didn't even have a raw one of these.)

2003 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Joe Mauer
2001 Topps Stadium Club Grady Sizemore

I am so happy that I am rid of all those cards.


  1. Solid Cano chrome rookie; I discovered recently that I have his Bowman Draft Gold ... hard to protect though cause it's a brick.

  2. Yes it must be a good feeling especially you have traded them all with this pretty stuff. Great effort there :) .