August 1, 2010

Trip to the Card Shop

After my workout yesterday I went over to the Baseball Card Shop because Dave had sent me an e-mail that he had a 2010 Ginter mini black Lind for me. Yay =)

(The scanner cropped the card, it is perfect.)

I ended up meeting a couple of young kids with their dad, and they were buying baseball cards! Bless that guy for teaching them to collect baseball cards and getting them started just like my parents did for me. Mike gave them our site address so hopefully they will stop by from time to time to read my goofy ramblings. Even though they were Mets fans, they were cool cats.

Then some familiar dude walks in and starts talking and I knew I had talked to this guy before. He looks at me and goes, "You used to work at BC Sports, right?" I said yeah, and he was like, "How did you like the Pujols shadow picture auto you were ordering?" Then it all came back to me. He used to rip a lot of high end packs in the store, always threw me the Yankees, and also told me when I was trying to decide on a Pujols autographed picture which one was cool. So that was what I ended up buying.

Long story short on Joe, he decided to open some Ginter from a fresh box so I waited to see what he pulled because he had ridiculous luck. Mike (the owner) gave me the box topper. I opened it and was very pleased.

Joe picked his packs, and then I grabbed 3 because I had to play, too. Plus, I need wrappers (yes, that is my excuse). First pack I opened, I pulled this card.

I'm a big fan of the Hebrew Hammeri, so this was awesome. Nothing in the other two packs except a Vlad mini and a Reimold mini. I left some of the base cards at the shop because I didn't want them and maybe someone can use them to complete a set. Joe opened his packs and wanted nothing so I went through them and found this:

(Another scanner crop, pos)

Love it! Ginter mini black Alex Gordon. As I said a few weeks ago, I'm a fan of Gordon despite his lackluster performance in the majors. I think he'll come around once he gets accustomed to the outfield.

I also took all the This Day in History cards because I think I may have 1/2 or 3/4 of that set and it might be fun to complete (read: she will get bored and not bother).

I also opened a pack of 1993 Upper Deck for the hell of it. Any mojo? Yep. John Kruk.


  1. I love the read between the lines about getting bored and not bothering. That has happened to me on many a subset.

  2. I have about 17 of those This Day In History cards if you're not bored already.