August 12, 2010

Topps picture: Bowman Chrome Strasburg Auto

Topps released a picture today on their blog of the Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg auto.

I took this picture - or someone fan did. Anyone out there want to claim a photo credit?

This actually looks like a card Upper Deck would do. There's barely any team logo visibly on the card, just the 'W' on the shirt. It's a pretty odd card to put in a set as one of your premier players.

It's Aug. 12, but I am really hoping this is some kind of joke and Topps is going to come out with a cooler (night) card.

What do you guys think?

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  1. There is a prominent logo in the corner there and it is still way better than that Chipper Bowman card in your last post. But yes, they could have picked a little better photography for that one!

  2. Was this the curtain call from his first start? That would be my guess.

    He's pitched in a few more games since then. It would be nice to stop constantly referencing the debut game against a cream puff Pittsburgh lineup.

    The game was indeed electric (one of those few cases where I can truthfully say, "I was there!"), but it's not the only game in the world.

  3. geez, I was hoping for the elvis wig picture (if topps does those lame pie-face cards, why not!)

    I'm fine with this picture. You can only get overkill on the white nationals uniform debut pictures and you eliminate the chance of confusing his bowman chrome card with that of his base topps RC or whatever future issues they are going to use the debut opening pitch picture.

  4. What do you mean no logo? It's right there, where it should be, lol. This is my first post on you blog, and it's to tell you to get your eyes examined! lol, I do enjoy your blog, Ladies, keep it up!

  5. I like the content of the photo- great idea to use a non-action shot from an important moment in his young career. But the composition is killing me. It's way bottom heavy with the space for the signature and the necessity of keeping his whole hand in there. It leaves the real subject (aka: dude's face) little room and nothing dominates the photo. As a so-called student of the arts, this card bugs me in a big way. The non-auto card I've seen shots of is a sweet horizontal action card. Much better. -Andy

  6. Seriously,

    We have devolved to the point where we are now ragging on Topps for their photos? Was it not just a few weeks ago the same critique was being thrown around for photo recycling?

    I have a feeling there is a general negativity permeating the hobby and people are just looking for any reason to vent it. If the photo had been of him in his wind-up the cry would be "Where's the originality?!?! This is your premiere face and you recycle photos? C'mon Topps!! An exclusive has made you lazy!!" They cannot win for trying.

    The photo is a definite departure from what Topps usually uses but I think that's good. How many photos of Strasburg show him in some stage of his delivery?

    As long as Topps does not have him dressed in a tuxedo, throwing a football or some other contrived ridiculous situation then I think we will be fine.