August 15, 2010

Sunday Question

We are very close to our 2010 Topps T206 Case break which is still scheduled to release on August 30th as far as I know. I have filled the last two spots with one of the guys from Freedom Cardboard. We are all set on that one now.

What I need to know is who from the 206 break plans on claiming their team in the Bowman Chrome. I'm looking to get everyone paid up by the first week in September or at least by the 15th so that I can pay for the case.

Please leave me a comment with your team name and if you plan on picking it up this way I know if I can open that team up to someone else or not. Thanks guys.


  1. I'll be picking up my bowman chrome as well.

  2. If the Nationals come open for Bowman Chrome I'll take em!

  3. I am interested in picking up the Twins for the Bowman Break if deal doesn't pick them up for this break.

  4. John, send over the payment and the team is yours.