August 29, 2010

Sunday Question

This weeks question has nothing to do with cards or baseball. My friend Lisa who writes the blog Drugstore Divas, her grandma lives in Florida and plays bingo like most nice old ladies. The bingo parlor that she frequents in Lake Ashton is currently collecting all plastic bottle tops to help one of their residents get cancer treatments.

The guy whose name I do not know (the story is legit), can get one treatment per 300 tops. I would like to know if you guys would be willing to save some plastic bottle tops for a week or so and once I get the address everyone can send them along. If you aren't already willing to help, let my water bottle return story lure you in...

I had 3 GIANT black garbage bags full to return last night, and after Lisa and I went to 5 supermarkets trying to find open machines we gave up and went bowling. So today after my workout I went to the supermarket to return them and take all the tops off. While there, a bag lady (homeless maybe, even) is there with her shopping cart of collected bottles. Once she is done with her cans and glass, she taps me and tell me in some form of a language that I don't need to take the tops off. I, of course, get annoyed and snippy. I tell her I was there first and I need the tops for something so I'm moving as fast as I can. She grumbles. I grumble. She then sticks her hands into my bag and begins to help by taking the tops off and handing me the bottles while adding the tops to my top bag. So me and the bag lady are friends? Well, I finish and figured I should help her (and take all her tops). She was in a great rush for some reason. I had intended on giving her one of my slips for helping (and feeling bad for yelling at her but she was practically running out of the parking lot with her cart.

Moral of the story is that after 40 minutes and over $20 in bottle returns that little old man can get one of his treatments and have one less thing to worry about for at least a day or two.

If you want to help, please let me know and I can e-mail you the details when she gets them to me. Thanks guys.


  1. Feel free to email me at We save them anyways for our cat, but this sounds like a better cause.

  2. let me know I have bunches already