August 1, 2010

Sunday Question

With the National being a few short days away, I know that I am kinda pumped for it and think it will be a good time. I'm extending my vacation by going to Sooz's on Tuesday and we'll drive down Wednesday morning/early afternoon. As of right now the only thing I am bringing is a suitcase.

What are you guys bringing? Anyone bringing cards to trade with other bloggers or just cards to give other bloggers? (I have not organized anything to bring.)

I have maybe two or three cards I could try and flip, but that's it really.

So tell me... what will be in your bag of tricks?


  1. I've been pondering the same thing. This is my first time at the National, and I'm not really sure what to expect. Do people typically bring cards to sell/trade? I know I'll probably fill up a box to send to COMC, since shipping is free from the conference.

  2. I will just be spending the time sitting here in front of my computer, pathetically taking in all the blog posts and reports from The National. Being desperately jealous of those who attend and crying myself to sleep every night.

    Actually, I will be looking forward to the reviews of the show as I am thinking of attending next year. I expect to be schooled by you all as to how to maximize my experience. And, if you are feeling benevolent enough no cards sent north of the border will be refused.

    That was cheap, and I apologise. Retract? No. Just apologise.

    It would be fun to meet some of the people we all get to chat with on a daily basis.

    Enjoy, to all who are attending.

  3. Beardy- I didn't know that you could bring cards for COMC to the National. I still don't know how I feel about giving a box of cards to someone else to handle.

  4. Marie,

    Check their blog. I think they posted something about it yesterday, or maybe the day before.

    Are you and Sooz going to be there every day?

  5. Beardy, we will be there all week. When will you be around?

  6. LOL @ Chris... if that were really your bag it would be freaking awesome.

  7. I did offer to buy drinks, so I hope that covers the tab!

    Seriously, unless anyone specifically asks, I'm not taking any cards. So far, I'm bringing: 2 friends, one of which is female (yes there's another woman in the world who collects cards), my O's tickets for Friday night, a good pair of walking shoes and an appetite for beer.

    Oh, I'll be at the show all day Saturday.

  8. Bringing one, maybe two 800-count boxes of cards and will be there all day Saturday. Never tracked down blogging folks before, so hope to do that!

    Anyone been to a Baltimore show before? If so, is it set up in a single big room or spread across more than one?

  9. Marie,

    I'll be there Wed, all day Thurs, and possibly an hour or two on Sat & Sun as well.

    sruchris, that's all the money you're bringing?

    Matthew, the convention center spans multiple floors, so I'm not sure what the set up will be. It's a pretty nice space though.

  10. The convention center is going to be a bit chaotic. I've been there several times (standardized tests, another convention, etc) and found the layout a little confusing. With the physical separation of the main floor(s) and the autograph area, that might actually help with crowd flow, but I'd prepare for some confusion initially.

    @Beardy and Marie, are you guys bringing base/insert cards, or GU/auto cards? I've yet to start COMC selling...would I need to put money on the account before bringing cards to the National?

    Also, I'll be bringing O's cards for Beardy, and Marie, I'll bring some YSL and Pujols cards that I've been meaning to email you about. Sorry, Sooz, no Kouz for you.

    Are you guys planning on going to the Topps Monday thing?