August 9, 2010

Some special reporting

I spent five days at the National Sports Collectors Convention ... it felt like more.

However, I really had a great time and that was a representation of the people there. The people were great. I met many fellow bloggers for the first time and saw some familiar faces.

While I was there, I also did some articles for Beckett. Here are the links:

Tebow Spotlight Shines Brightly on Palm Beach Autographs (link)

Can the National be more like the San Diego Comic-Con? (link)

Fewer Card Brands Seen on Dealers' Shelves at the NSCC (link)

Stephen Strasburg Topps Heritage Card Creates National Frenzy (link)

Thanks for checking them out. I hope you guys enjoyed the articles. Feel free to leave comments, also on ways to improve the National. I would love to hear them.

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