August 8, 2010

Seriously Topps?!

Really? This was the best Topps could do? After meeting the Topps head honchos and them saying that they are going to work on things, I can not wait to see if they do because this card is making me really pissed off.

What the hell is wrong with this 2010 Topps Tribute Robinson Cano auto 1/1?

I met Topps design guy at the National and he was a very nice guy who knew about the blog so.... hopefully he sees it and makes a post it about never, ever making a card that looks like this again.

The end.


  1. That card might almost be acceptable as a run of the mill auto-relic, but I think the whole Triple Threads look has gotten tired.

    As a one-of-a-kind "special" card? Yuck.

  2. Did anyone ask who actually puts together those cards and if they're supervised?

    That is just wrong. I hate the Yanks, but that is still wrong.

    As an aside, I am really enjoying all the work everyone is doing to bring The National to those of us house-bound.

    Thanks a tonne!

  3. Let's see....

    1. It's Topps so it's guaranteed to be of poor quality.

    2. The person that did the card could've been a special needs kids that was having his wish granted to "Make cards at Topps" and had to put them in from that angle.

    3. The person putting the pieces in the card is a RED SOX Fan.

    4. It's Topps......nuff said.

    5. The employee that put that pieces in was having his last day at the company and figured he'd make Topps suffer horrible bad press for incorrect cards because "Topps would never do such a thing".

    6. The former Topps VP sneaked in the back door and grabbed a bunch of low serially numbered cards and on the way out turned all the jersey pieces around as a form of retribution.

    7. Stephen Strasburg needed something to do while he was on the DL.

    8. The supervisor was watching the "Webster reunion" when a Mets employee turned the pieces sideways thus EPIC FAIL!

    9. "Topps quality control??? Never heard of such a thing".....Ryan O'Hara


  4. You're holding the card the wrong way. Turn it on its side, see, now it's fine.

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  6. Its Topps world you just collect in it..
    Its strange not a single female executive works for Topps.

    Maybe thats the problem..