August 24, 2010

More delays in Topps' baseball release calendar

Beckett baseball editor Chris Olds wrote on Twitter there were several delays to the Topps baseball release calendar.

Triple Threads, which was set to release Sept. 15, is now Sept. 22, Topps Pro Debut Series 2 will be in October and Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects won't be until Dec. 15.

So, now there are only three Topps baseball releases in September instead of four.

Good thing they're unclogging the month.


  1. These delays kill me. They use the same pictures, jersey swatches, and sticker autos as they do for everything else. Why don't they just have them all sitting around from the first production batch, print them all at once?

    I'm sure there's more going on behind the scenes than I can imagine, but it's not like they bust their asses with ground breaking design changes or anything like that.

    But like you said - at least the months are becoming less crowded with releases, which I suppose is a good thing. Although the more that hits the market at once, the cheaper the hits are to pick up!

  2. What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the collector!

  3. topps is in a panic about strasburg ;)

  4. I don't see why a one or two week delay is a big deal.

    I wonder if Bowman Draft is being held up for Bryce Harper.

  5. I bet the delays are business - spread out the products, let it sit on shelves longer before the next release, help out the few remaining hobby shops sell the product before the next release takes the attention and collecting dollars of hobbyists.

    As for bryce harper, why waste him in Bowman Draft? What will drive 2011 Bowman sales if Harper is wasted in Bowman Draft rather than held for 2011 Bowman?

  6. Bring on the 2011 samples, since I'm down to just the flagship set to collect. Damn monopoly.