August 10, 2010

I hope Strasburg throws a no-hitter tonight

I'm completely greedy in this situation. I want to see Stephen Strasburg throw an absolute gem tonight against the Florida Marlins. The other games he pitched, I watched just for the curiosity. Now, I want him to do well for money.

Strasburg is making his first start since July 21. He was on he DL with right shoulder stiffness.

He is limited by his pitches tonight though.

While at the National, I picked up a 2010 Topps Heritage Stephen Strasburg. I had it graded and that sucker came back a 9.5 Gem.

Now, it's on eBay.

- Speaking of Strasburg, the autographed Topps Million Card Giveaway rookie cards have shipped. If you remember, those who unlocked the card could pay $350 to get it signed by Strasburg.

There were some who certainly took Topps up on their offer. The cards are numbered to /299 and this specific card, which shows his first MLB pitch, can only be found on the MCG site.


  1. It was more like, here's a chance for Sooz to actually make some money back based on all the money she has spent over the years.

    F her and her baseball card. She shouldn't have kicked those kids to get on the line.

  2. Well that worked out like gangbusters.

  3. I'm a Reds fan. Would you please do a post on the Cardinals?