August 17, 2010

Hold on to your wallets

Topps Triple Threads was delayed until September, according to a tweet from Beckett baseball editor Chris Olds earlier today.

That means with Topps pushing back TTT, Topps is currently planning four releases next month with Topps 206, Pro Debut Series 2 and Topps Chrome. Also, Donruss Elite Edition is scheduled to go live in September.

With less baseball product, the release calendar should not get this clogged in any particular month. We've had roughly 11 Topps products released in the first eight months of the year.

The good news about the releases is that they tend to target different collectors. The only two that would directly compete against each other is 206 and Chrome, which are supposed to be about three weeks apart from each other right now. Also, I believe, Pro Debut and EEE are in direct competition with each other.

Most casual collectors aren't going to buy boxes of all being so close to each other.

Are you staying away from one because it's too close to another product you like?

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  1. I'n not interested in any of the four except Pro Debut series 2. I probably won't be buying right away as the product usually opens a little hotter than what it will be priced a month or two after release. I have a price point in mind so I'll buy it if it reaches that after release (or I may just buy the h/c set if the box prices remain over my target price point more than 4 months after release).

  2. I just pre-ordered a box of TTT and iam a little disapointed it got pushed back, but oh well thas how it goes. Sure hope I get Lucky!