August 8, 2010

Day 4 of the National

Well today was an interesting day. We got to the National around noon and I went off on a hunt for one of these but came up empty handed. Honestly aside from the Dirk Hayhurst signing and the live streaming I feel like it's pretty safe to say that we were both kinda bored with searching for cards.

Around 4pm I realized I had not bought any cards. Well, anyone with a cardboard problem would know that I couldn't let that happen. So off I went.... and bought 2 cards that turned out to be right under my nose the whole time. The guy behind the Freedom Cardboard booth had a Robinson Cano GU jersey card with a stripe that I needed, as well as a Wade Boggs Topps RC. Both for bargain prices which are the best.

At the end of the day we took goofy pictures with the Freedom Cardboard group and then all went out to a nice seafood dinner. I finally had some delicious crab cakes, but..... no dessert because I behaved.

The hotel we had to switch to has a convention going on and it is so big that 5 elevators is not enough. They have stopped on every single floor and have taken up to 20 minutes to reach the floor from button pressing to floor of room.

I will write more about what I liked and stuff another day when I get back to civilization. I will also do a loot post as well since I have a box full of cards here, some more exciting than others and some that are not even part of my normal PC.

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