August 6, 2010

Day 2 National Report

Sorry the blog post is so late, a lot actually happened today, which I won't be able to get up tonight, but will certainly talk about as the week goes on.

Topps had a panel today, which I thought was a tremendous idea. There were about 50 collectors in the room asking questions, some were very good.

Next year is the 60th Anniversary of Topps, the Diamond Anniversary. Topps said to expect interesting things next year, perhaps even some diamonds coming out of boxes.

Some topics that were dicussed:

- Sticker autos (Marie will have a blog post on that later)
- Bowman Chrome and the problem with distributors jacking prices because of Strasburgmania
- Topps Total (It's not coming back)
- Why Topps finally decided to make a presence
- The issue with fake patches (though Topps didn't seem to really care about the fake patches issue, but we'll get more into that another time)
- How Topps stayed afloat during tough economic downtimes
- Topps' feeling about competition and being an exclusive in the baseball card market

Photo credit: Wes Yee of Twitter fame.

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