July 7, 2010

Today's eBay Idiot

Dearest Sooz,

I apologize in advance for not being able to buy this Jeter card for your birthday. This man wants lots of money that I will never have, and if I ever do have that kind of money I am going to run far, far away. Of course, you will be asked to go as well. With all the money we can buy a small parcel of land and fill it with cardboard boxes in our top secret location and write our blog from the underground.

Your best worst friend.


  1. Thanks a lot buddy!! That jerk!

    BTW, that is one of the nicest sketch cards I have ever seen of Jeter. I actually saved a bunch of sketch images of him to show how hard it is to draw him, but that card proved otherwise.

  2. "No returns on this card, unless the card it found to be seriously flawed or not as described."

    Uh yeah, I've got a problem...the card was described as being worth $250,000 and it clearly is not because there is no picture of Stephen Strasburg on it. I want my money back.

  3. I wish people would gain a grasp of the English language. How many ebay sellers say their auctions are at "no reserve" yet have a minimum bid. Your reserve is your minimum bid you dolt.

    Secondly, you gotta admire the stones for not even putting it at a B.I.N. it's an auction with a minimum bod....

  4. I'm disappointed that there's no opportunity to make a Best Offer, like I made for the eBay idiot Adam Lind seller a few months ago.

    I love making an offer for like, $53, and then getting a douchey, indignant response on the order of "why even waste my time".

    With that listing, you first, buddy.