July 18, 2010

Sunday Question

We are at the halfway mark (a little past it) of the baseball season and have a pretty good idea of which players are in the running for MVP, and which teams are heading to the playoffs.

Who do you think will win the MVP?

Everyone seems to love this debate on local tv around here, so I was curious as to who everyone likes for the award.

Personally, I am hoping Robbie Cano can keep it up and win the AL MVP but with the likes of Cabrera, and maybe even Vlad (!), or Hamilton it will be an interesting second half. I am also sure the regular candidates will surge in the second half (Mauer, Morneau... once Morneau is healthy again) As far as the NL goes it could come down to Pujols, Howard, and Votto.


  1. Id like to see Markakis win it, although I know it'll probably be Cano.

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  2. As a completely non-biased observer, I would say that if the Padres win the NL West; Adrian Gonzalez will get some votes.

  3. don't count out Ubaldo Jiminez in the NL if the Rockies make a run.