July 4, 2010

Sunday Question: Case Break Part 2

OK, between here and Twitter there has been a great big discussion on the potential pricing and what to do about God's boy, and his team. Here are the two options:

1.) We split the break 29 ways, ALL Strasburg cards are pulled. The auto, if there is one, will be sold and the profit split amongst those who participated. The base cards of S.S. can either be auction on eBay for the same purpose, or the team will be left out completely and we can use those cards as prizes. Just a thought.

You get: Just the cards of guys on your team. Base, inserts, gu, auto's, etc.

2.) Same as choice one, only this way will get you one base cards that is pulled of everyone on your team, plus as many of a base set as we can make from one case per person so that you don't end up with 9 of each player.

You get: A team set, PLUS a starter set, and the base, inserts, gu, auto's, etc. of your team.

My goal is to keep the cost around $40 or less per person. That being said, we can tier the team pricing to get more people interested.

The tiers would be according to the average number of cards from that team that usually appear in sets. This is just an example, and is not set in stone.

Tier 1: Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Braves, Cubs
Tier 2: yadda, yadda, yadda
Tier 3: yadda, yadda, yadda

Tier 1, being the most andTier 3 being the least. If doing a tier system sounds like the way to go please leave a comment and let me know as well as your choice of option 1 or 2.

I will call this week and get prices on products and post the prices of the products and then we can figure out the cost per person and post it for those interested. I think 15 or more people would be good with a midrange case.


  1. Either option is fine, although I'd rather all the Strasburgs get auctioned.

  2. I might be interested. Option two sounds the coolest... no one wants nine Ryan Theriots. Would taking two teams be frowned upon? Maybe a tier 1/tier 3?

  3. I fully intend on taking two teams myself, lol. First come first serve, which is why I said from the start the teams that are being set aside between me and Sooz are Yanks, Cards, Jays, A's.

    I would be happy to sell any non-Lind cards to someone who wanted to buy them (a Jays fan, perhaps).

    But option 2 seems to be the one I want to do as well. Along with selling any cards of God.

  4. Definitely #2. However, I have another idea. Forget about picking a team and recruit 20 people, 2 per box. Each person claims half a box (left or right half). You and Sooz open them all and share the results.

  5. I am all up for picking teams and I am happy with either option. I don't like the 1/2 box idea... Sorry, but I like the team idea since I'm a team collector - but that's just me :-)

  6. I would be interested. Since the Yankees are taken is it possible for the Braves and MArlins for me? Let me know.

  7. Count me in...I like the idea of auctioning off the Strasburg cards!! If you are accepting teams...I would like the Tigers!!

  8. I just have to check the previous post to make sure no one claimed anything yet.

  9. I'm for option 2 as well, but with one possible caveat: what if we sold the complete sets as well? I don't need a starter set of anything (especially not Bowman Chrome and T206 v3.0) and even my team's base aren't worth the cost of shipping. Any thoughts on that idea?

    Also, I'll put my vote in for Bowman Chrome since T206 doesn't have as much of a following and the Chrome Strassies should pull in a mint.


  10. P.S. I'll pre-load Cubs and Royals on behalf of Community Gum's two bloggers!

  11. I like option 2, but I have to disagree with community gum. I would most certainly want my share of how ever much of a full base set the case would result in. I would be most interested in T206 because Bowman Chrome will have too many prospects that most likely won't make it anywhere nearly the majors, and I think the hits in T206 will look much cooler.