July 19, 2010

Old news, but I want to talk about it - Ginter code was cracked

The 2010 Allen & Ginter code was cracked in part by Nick Jacoby, the person who had a hand in cracking the code last year as well. He has a run down on his process that you can read here.

First, let me say what an amazing job. I am not sure I would have ever figured that out even if I had a year to do it.

But something has been bugging me about it since I read the post and it has to do with the fact that he sent the email to get the sipher.

The advertisement for the code in the box says "Think you've cracked the code?" Email code@topps.com.

It doesn't say, if you're stuck and want some help, email us to get a hint or email us to get the part of the code that you really need to figure it out. I spent roughly two hours looking at Ginter to see if I would have a shot at figuring out the code and then I realize I was going on vacation, so I didn't even bother.

I know there were groups of people out there who went about trying to figure out how to crack the code. So what about those people? What about the people who thought they were following the directions of the code, you know waiting to email until they thought they found it, only to learn that wasn't the case.

Sorry, I had to get it out. Great job by the guys involved in cracking the code. I can tell from the post that they worked very hard at what they did and still deserve credit for breaking the code. Well done, guys.


  1. I wonder if there's a way to figure out the symbols through the cards, like Nick suggested. Seems like it wouldn't work that way, so I'm guessing e-mail is the only way. But you never know...

  2. I spent quite a bit of time during a single evening looking at the cards themselves for clues - it never occurred to me to email the Topps account. I don't know whether that was a stupid move on my part to not think of it...or if it was a lame way to "hide" the code this year.

  3. My only question is, don't these guys have jobs? Families? Kids?. I'm guessing Maybe, Possibly but not likely, and definitely not.

  4. Funny, I read today the way Nick and Co. cracked the code and thought about how lucky they were that Nick had even e-mailed that address.

    I kind of like what Topps did with that. Kind of an added "ah-ha" moment for someone who thought they may had already solved it and sumbitted an answer.

  5. As one of the few people that likely emailed that address LAST year (even if it was to submit a bad answer) . . . my guess is Topps saw that likely only Nick and I submitted answers last year by emailing that address and thought:

    "What a perfect place to hide the code."

    My thoughts?

    "What an epic fail"

    I was very sad to not have a chance to even compete against whoever "Nick and Co." were this year. I can certainly assure you I won't touch this product next year though. Glad I didn't buy a case chasing code cards.

  6. @dogface:

    Jobs - yes
    Families - no
    Kids - no
    Girlfriend - yes
    Insomniac who only sleeps 3 hours a night - yes :)

  7. Job - yes
    Kids - yes
    Wife - yes
    insomnia - yes

    As for is there something in the cards telling you to email Topps to get the cipher, we will tell you once we speak with Topps.