July 13, 2010

My Mike Trout article

A lot of you know I was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last week working on an article on Mike Trout. There was a prevailing thought that once Trout goes to Cali for the Futures Games, he ain't coming back.

Well, that's exactly what happened. He was promoted to high Single-A Rancho Cucamonga before Sunday's game. Good thing that didn't happen while I was there last weekend.

Here's the article I wrote on Trout for Sunday's paper (link). Check out the video I did of Trout on the site too.

Trout is an amazing prospect and his auto are in the $50 range at this point. I think the higher he goes, that's only going to be worth more money. He's fast, can hit for average and the power will come later. The guy is only 18 years old.

Here are some of his better cards.

1. 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft auto

2. 2009 Donruss Elite Edition

3. 2009 Bowman Sterling

Anyone got a spare Trout card for me?


  1. Well written article! He sounds like a great kid. I'll be keeping tabs on him now to see how his career progresses.

  2. came to watch the Kernels play! Cool! Never been over to see them but I know they get decent press from the east side of the state