July 12, 2010

Mourning the loss of a Yankees icon

Yesterday, wasn't just my birthday. Apparently, other things happen in the world even though I'm celebrating another year. Who woulda thought?

Yankees long-time stadium announcer Bob Sheppard died. He was 99.

Sheppard had that voice that everyone loved to mimmick. If you were coming up to bat, he was the guy you wanted to announce your name. Derek Jeter has never had anyone else call his name when he comes to the plate. It's always Bob Sheppard.

A few years back when Sheppard stepped away from the booth because he battled illness, he record Jeter's introduction and that is used for him at the stadium.

Here is a great article written by the The Star Ledger's Jerry Izenberg (link). I can hear Sheppard voice throughout the entire piece.

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  1. I always hated that card as I didn't think it did justice to the man. If you never had the chance to visit the stadium and hear Mr. Sheppard speak, you missed a treat. He was a benchmark that other announcers should judge themselves.