July 24, 2010

Making little boys cry

Chelsea Baker and I have something in common, we like making little boys cry. So what if I'm 30 and she's 13, nothing brings joy to my heart as much as seeing a little boy cry because I'm better than him.

However, Baker does it with a little more class than I do. She's a Little League pitcher and one of the best in the country. Baker throws 65mph already, but she also has a knuckle ball. She has never lost a little league sanctioned game.

Check out a video from ABC here.

She also has a piece on ESPN 360, which can be seen here.

Here's a longer article on her from ESPN here

She's from Plant City, Fla., which is where I stop talking about this story.


  1. Wow! That is spectacular... And I am glad I'm too old to be in *her* little league!

  2. That girl is awesome! The next time my male students talk smack about girls and sports... I'm going to show them the ESPN video. Thanks for sharing the story.