July 17, 2010

I finished a set!

I am rather proud to announce that I have now completed the 2010 Bowman Prospects set of 110 cards. It is an enormous feat simply because I usually either lose interest or motivation every time I try building some sort of set.

The last few cards I needed were sent over to me by Cardboard Icons in part of a large trade we managed to figure out. Part of that trade also included another card I have wanted since it is on the lower spectrum of Strasburg cards. I am very pleased to add the Topps 100 Strasburg to my collection. If you haven't been over to his blog yet, I highly suggest you check it out. He's a cool guy but cheers for the wrong team. Hey, everyone has flaws.

I was debating on putting together the Bowman 92 Throwbacks set because I really like that one, but the problem is that I don't really intend to buy more Bowman and I know too many people doing the same thing. That ship might have set sail for me, so there may be another trade with Ben in the near future.

I am still working on finishing 2009 OPC, which seems like a lost cause. By working on, I mean if some people sent me the last of the cards I need. Did anyone finish that set?


  1. Starting to think 2009 OPC is a lost cause too.

  2. Cool! I just finished mine today too with a few I picked up at the big Fansedge Sports Show in Chicago. Now I just need a couple for the base and some Chrome.

  3. I just put my OPC set in a binder today. It's depressing how far I am from completing it. The cards aren't at Target anymore either, so that's not helping.

  4. Still working on OPC as well, I think we four (marie, Are No, night owl, and myself) should work on a massive trade.

    Marie, if I get the chance I will e-mail you something in regards to "finishing a set".