July 14, 2010

I finally found it and can't have it!

There is one Kevin Kouzmanoff card I've kept looking for. I have a search on eBay dedicated to making sure when this card pops up, I will be able to snag it.

Last week, the card showed up on eBay (auction link).

The seller is making my Kouz collecting life a living hell (or something like that).

First, the BIN price is absolutely ridiculous. I made two offers on the card (there are four total) and both were automatically denied. Didn't even consider what are reasonable prices for that card.

Second, I think the cards are up there for the sake of an advertisement. I don't actually think the auctions are actually for sale of the card. I feel the seller is using than as ways to find other bat knobs from Unique.


  1. Your "White Wale". It's always It's always heart out of chest when you find it, but heart wrenching when you can't get it. Has the seller gotten back to you, I'm assuming you emailed him/her? Those are cool cards, but I wish they were on-card auto's or no auto's at all. The bat pieces are sweet enough on their own.

  2. The same seller has quite the Pujols collection for 10K.

    I agree and think it is simply for the purpose of drawing attention to his search for other bat knobs.