July 26, 2010

How do you choose?

I know there are many other player collectors out there, and I am hoping that some of you are mildly picky about your collections. I know that I would love to have every single card of the players I collect but it just isn't realistic for me. I've mentioned this several times over the years I'm sure, but I wanted to show an example.

Last year I made a rainbow of 2009 Tribute Cano auto's, just one version because that was expensive enough. This year my goal was to pick up one of each version and move on because with the season he is having it will be more than I'm willing to spend on the rainbow.

Here is the challenge: find a signature I like to bid on. I know that must sound crazy but when you look at autographs, there are some that look rushed, scribbled, or just flat out horrible. If I buy an auto, I have to like the sig on the card before I bother bidding. It really doesn't matter if I need it, I won't spend money on it if the sig looks rushed.

Look at this 2010 Tribute Cano /99. That is a signature I wouldn't bother bidding on because it looks sloppy. This one is pretty terrible as well, 2010 Tribute Cano /99.

Here is one I like and would be more inclined to bid on: 2010 Tribute Cano /99. I know it might not seem like a big deal to most people but I would rather have something I really like than a sloppy auto I bought just to say I had it.

I also want you guys to look at this card: 2010 Tribute Cano Triple Jersey /99. How hard is it to assemble the card so that the stripes are straight? They do not wear uniforms that look like candy canes or barber shop poles, so why do that? Furthermore, for the money this product costs I think that it should be straight. And........ that signature is terrible. Bad Robbie, sign nicer next time. (I will refrain from saying anything about the f-ing stickers for today.)

Please tell me that there is someone out there that picks their auto's carefully (generally speaking, not just in Tribute)....


  1. I collect everything, but I pay more/buy earlier the good ones. Especially Rich Hill - he has lots of meh autos and some really beautiful ones. So the beauties come first.

  2. I have a 2008 Baseball Heroes Rich Hill auto, /50 I think. I'd be willing to trade if you needed it, and could scan it.

  3. I don't necessarily seek out 'good' versions of an autograph, but I've definitely NOT bid on sloppy versions of the one player I have a "collection" of - Darryl Strawberry.

  4. I started collecting Tiki Barber because of his signature (also a huge Giants fan). Because he usually make a loop on the bottom with his number in it, i always try to get the card with the full signature. Somethimes the loop goes off the card and i try my best to stay away from those.

    Here is a link to the auto collection:

  5. I have only a few player I collect so the pickings are slim to begin with. Couple that with not really being able to afford autos of some players I am left with 1 or 2 that I can realistically collect.

    Ricky Romero is one such player and looking at his autos they are very hit and miss. I have passed on several cards because the auto is just a scribble. I am definitely picky when it come to auto cards. I want it to look good because to me that shows the person signing the card cared enough to take their time.

  6. Straight stripes, whoa you are asking way too much of Topps.
    I have been following the 2010 Topps World Series GU/AU for the Yankees.
    Every single Sabathia and Rivera, that I have seen, have the pinstripes flowing horizontally, not vertically. (approx. 20 cards) Some of these have achieved ridiculous prices. Am I being picky, you bet, especially if I'm dropping good money on one of these.

  7. By the way Marie, I'm definitely interested in the Hill auto! I e-mailed you at the cardbandits address - let me know if I should e-mail somewhere else!

  8. I'm right there with you. I just finished my Rollie Fingers 2009 Tribute Rainbow, plus 2 of the printing plates and it was incredibly cheap. Are you being pickey about autos? absolutely. Is it your right as a player collector to do so? Damn straight. I've seen some super shitty autos. But I guess when your under contract to sign 5000 stickers for Topps or whoever the first 100 or so are probably pretty nice the other 4900 start to look lke shit. You can tell how far down the list you are. I've pulled some autos that are barely initials. If your going to pay the money for the nice auto's for your collection damn straight you get the good ones. Whats the point in buying or trading for a crappy looking card? As a player collector I definately strive for completion but in this day and ago of super 1/1 auto printing plates that's just not resonable, but it's nice to know that I'll have something to hunt. I'm not a player collector that looks forward to finishing my collection. I'm a big fan of Robin Yount and Rollie Fingers both of whom have great autos and are pretty consistant.