July 2, 2010

Ginter is bringing out all the crazies

Either it’s Allen and Ginter or just the madness of what the early baseball card season has brought, it seems everyone is drinking a little bit from of the crazy punch.

People are getting silly or they are trying to make a point, either way, some of you have gone mad!

One of the goofiest auctions on eBay is the 1/1 revolving door. Yeah, you read that right. The revolving door has an auto in this set (I hope you can feel the sarcasm dripping with that sentence). The funny thing is this card actually has a bid (auction link).

There was another auction up last night, but it was taken down almost moments after I looked at it. There was a Stephen Strasburg mini up for $20,000 BIN. The seller was trying to make a point on how crazy everything was getting with Starsburgmania and how out of hand it has all gotten.

Baseball cards this year is making people do some crazy things and, yes, I am talking about the hyped up cards that are going for way too much money.

I know the listings just cost a few cents, but why would anyone want to waste their money this way? It’s not going to change anything. Superman is still going to sell for thousands of dollars (Did you see what the auto redemption is going for?).

Save your pennies.

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  1. Best. Card. Ever.

    EVENT USED!!!!11

  2. Hahaahahahahhahahahahaahaha the description made my day!

  3. Some poor sucker probably thinks its actually in the set.. lmao.

  4. I think the auction is hysterical. It has to be a spoof.

  5. I love it! A spoof, obviously, but still funny. Listings on ebay might actually be free right now (they were last month, anyway), so why not have a little fun?!

    I fully intend on taking my Grand Canyon card from the 08 set to the actual Grand Canyon and rubbing it in the dirt. I should be able to get a cool grand for THAT in person auto. I'll be sure to take pictures for proof.

  6. yes, the crazies are out there and I wish they'd chill out. I"m trying to win two non-sport ginter relics and you'd think they might go for $10 each maximum and the first few sales for those are $30-40 each.

  7. Equal time!! I want to see an escalator card and a moving sidewalk card.

  8. I love all the baseball related stuff from this set. Everything else is junk to me. When I buy a pack of baseball cards, that's all I want to see. I don't need animals, movie stars, or anyone else. I don't know why they would do this. http://www.basballcardsrule.com