July 20, 2010

eBay "Mojo"

Hi, my name is Marie and I have a cardboard problem.

(Group: Hi Marie.)

So, I was on eBay as usual browsing around for nothing in particular with my eBay bucks certificate and came across an Adam Lind card I have wanted for a while but was just waiting for the price to be reasonable. Once he got hot last year, it seems like no one has bothered to check on his current batting average which is hovering around .210-ish. I picked up the card for less than $6.

2004 SP Adam Lind/Ryan Klosterman...

I figured since I was already buying something from the seller and he had a store, why not see what else he can jam in the bubble mailer? The other card I got was in the same boat, just waiting for a good price. This one was less than $5.

2006 Future Stars Russell Martin RC
What I didn't notice about the Russ Martin card was that he is clear when you have the card in hand. From being scanned you can't tell, so that was a cool surprise. The card itself is also kind of made of plastic. I have the Adam Lind version of the Clear Path to Greatness, but I don't remember it being clear or plastic feeling....

So those are the latest cards to arrive for the PC. Sooner or later I will get the 2004 SP Adam Lind /400. I've been wanting to pick that up for a while now, and I am hoping no one else bids on that one (unless they are sending it to me).

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