July 17, 2010

eBay Idiot of the week

I was supposed to remember to post one of these a week, but I never remember. I did remember today, and I will explain why I chose Dead wood as this weeks idiot.

Plain and simple: He has sucked. If that person thinks that card is worth 1/10th of that price (market value) then they should have their head examined.

I think that this awesome card would be priced in that range but this person is slightly more in touch with reality. If I won the Mega Millions tonight I would probably buy this and feel overjoyed that I didn't get ripped off on a POS card of Joba the Dud.

1 comment:

  1. Hey that Joba picture was part of 08 Stadium Club. Extremely lazy on Topps part - if you are going to bother to make a 1/1 would it be to much trouble to come up with a fresh photo that isn't 2 years old.

    Play at the Plate had a post dedicated to the TSC card.


    and best of luck with Mega Millions.