July 3, 2010

The card that took 26 days to get here

Last season before Lind got hot, his cards were fairly easy to come by and could have been had for cheap in auctions. Once he started tearing the cover off the ball, naturally his cards skyrocketed. Now it seems as though his cards are in limbo and in the hands of some in denial of his current stats.

There are still crazy people listing cards of Lind that think they will get big money. One of my favorites is this guy who is selling this clearly damaged card, a card you can see white borders on for more money than he is worth right now. This bozo here is my favorite, selling a Lind Icons auto for more than what you can get a Cano auto /99 for these days... I miss the old days when people undervalued him.

Once in a blue moon I pick up a card at auction of Lind for a reasonable price/steal, but they are far and few in between. It is usually through a best offer or BIN that I end up with cards. I waited... and waited... and waited some more for one card to come in the mail. I won and paid on June 3rd, and it arrived in my mailbox on June 29th. It cost $5.24 and to me that was a stretch with Curtis Thigpen on it to lower the value. (My value of a card is based more so on how much I like it, I don't buy cards if I don't like them even if they are of a player I collect.... i.e. printing plates)

I love this card more so for the fact that I have been chasing it and making offers on them for quite some time, and it is finally here to hang out with the boys. Despite the sticker autos, they are stealth stickers which is way better than silver foil stickers. These are the kinds of bubble mailers that make me miss Upper Deck.

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