July 23, 2010

Can I get a discount on my National VIP pass?

With the National coming up in just a short time, there is so much talk going on about the hobby and who's going and who will be bringing the beer.

Blowout Cards had a different idea and is offering special Topps VIP retro card sets on their site for presale - that's before the National, before anyone has had a chance to put these cards in their hands.

I thought these cards were supposed to be limited to people who bought VIP packages. It's part of the deal, right? So, why does Blowout get the opportunity to sell these cards ahead of time to anyone who wants to purchase them?

I am not naive to think that after the convention these cards aren't going to end up on eBay, but why does Blowout get to have the upperhand and sell these cards before anyone when they were supposed to be given out to the public and the National Sports Card Convention?

What good is calling this a VIP exclusive if I can sit at home and click buy for $25 and get the same cards that hundreds of people went to Baltimore and received because they paid the $120-plus for a VIP package?

Update: Maybe they are slightly limited on Blowout, although I don't see where it says on the website. Blowout wrote on their Twitter account at 12:29 p.m.: "2010 Topps National Convention VIP 1960 Retro Card Sets-less than 10 left."