July 22, 2010

2010 Topps Tribute (and whatever else its called) on the Bay

One seller has listed pretty much his entire case of cards of 2010 Topps Tribute. I am not sure what the release date of this product is supposed to be. I know it was originally this week, but things get shuffled around so much.

However, I don't see any hits. Mostly, it's the base cards - and I use that term loosely. The cheapest base card from this seller is about $4 with the numbered cards easily going into the $50 range. Anyone plan on ponying up that kind of dough for a base card?

Here are some of the auctions (I wish there better scans):

- 2010 Tribute black and white 205 Babe Ruth /99

- 2010 Topps Tribute gold Mickey and Mantle /50

- 2010 Topps Tribute blue Derek Jeter /399

- 2010 Topps Tribute 205 blue Joe Mauer /399

- 2010 Topps Tribute black Chase Utley /99

Looks like there is some kind of subset of rivalries or something along those lines in this set, but it's not what you think.

You get cards of histories biggest foes such as David vs. Goliath (and the blue version in case you have an inkling to make the rainbow), the Hatfield and McCoys, Kennedy vs. Nixon, USA vs. USSR, and (I'm sure not the last) how can we forget about one of the oldest family rivalries in literary history the Montague vs. the Capulets.

Update: Two Stephen Strasburg cards have appeared on eBay already. Auction #1 (auto relic) and Auction #2 (auto dual relic).

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  1. I've purchased a few relics from this set over the past year, all for $4 or less. For that reason alone I will NEVER bust this product!

  2. Not sure what cases/boxes/packs are going for, but it seems the product is a little over priced for the average collector that has to budget money around.

  3. I base my last comment on the pre-sale prices I saw at Blowout Cards and other places on the net.

  4. Products like these aren't made for the average collector on a budget.