July 5, 2010

2010 Topps T-206 Team Owners

If you want to get in on this (c'mon, you know you do) please see the previous post for what is taking place and just follow the instructions. It should be a solid product with some great autos.

PAID and guaranteed teams

Greg L. - Royals
David H - Indians
David A. - Cubs
Greg G. - Dodgers
Andy R. - Phillies
Chris F. - Brewers
Paul E. - Twins
Dan T. - Tigers
Sooz/Marie - Yankees (We will end up splitting for 2 team sets, or something like that)
Marie - Cardinals
Marie - Jays
Sooz - A's
Canuck - Braves
Paul - Rays
Tricia - Rangers
Joe M. - Mets
Harrison E. - Padres
Scott E. - Mariners
Michael B - Red Sox, Giants
Steve G. - White Sox
Jason B. - Astros
Ryan H. - Orioles
Ric K. - Reds
Jeffrey M. - Rockies
Chuck - Marlins
David A. - Pirates

AVAILABLE TEAMS (Payment required for guarantee):

Los Angeles Angels
Arizona Diamondbacks


  1. Detroit Tigers has been paid for...let me know if not received....email is gregmms@yahoo.com

    Greg Holstege

  2. I'll take the rangers. Paypal coming shortly.

  3. Taking the Rockies...sent PayPal about an hour ago.

  4. I've been trying to avoid signing up for this break, but I can't help myself. Fine, I'm in for the Marlins. However, payment won't come until 15th...let me know if this is OK. Chuck