July 12, 2010

2010 Homerun Derby

I write this blog as I watch this most torturous of recent Homerun Derby's that I can remember. I don't know if it is the lack of "star" hitters or the fact that I have to listen to Chris Berman quacking and clucking along side "Hall of Famer" (resident douche), Joe Morgan but this is brutal to watch.

I miss the days of watching the Kid up at the plate with his hat on backwards and a big smile on his face just hittin' some dingers. This was way more fun to watch when I was a kid, although I must say that I think Cano would have a Griffey like appearance at the plate. Cano is always smiling and having fun, but I am glad he was told to have a seat.

Is anyone else out there bored to tears watching this? Feel free to let me know what you think of the Derby.

P.S. Even if Nick Swisher was not eliminated I would hate this.


  1. So bored by the derby this year. It used to be fun despite the crappy excuse for announcers. This year it feels like pulling teeth with a rusty spoon.

  2. I had no idea it was even on.... or that they still do it for that matter.

    Kinda irrelevent in today's game. Only a sparse handful watch... Let it die.

  3. this is the most painful thing I have ever watched. and the annoucers are the worst. Berman and his "yikes" with each home run is so old

  4. I'm watching the series premiere of Rizzoli & ISles on TNT.

    Berman can suck it.

  5. The fact that Berman is a perfect match for the HR derby says everything you need to know about Berman, ESPN, the HR derby and television-created events.

    Berman is not only the worst announcer ever, he is someone I'm pretty sure would annoy me in everyday life.

  6. I mean, it's alright. I enjoyed watching Cory Hart's bombs, but even as it ended I thought, "Hm, there wasn't much fanfare around the final round."

    Oh well. Better than nothing, I guess. Kinda bummed Cano was pulled, although it's for the best.

  7. Even Will Farrell sucked. It was bad, bad, Bad, BAd, BAD!

  8. I watched it with my son who enjoyed it greatly. He especially liked Corey Hart's homers. Once mom said it was time for bed, I totally bailed. My kid's new goal in life is to be out in the outfield shagging balls at one of these now. So among the awful there was a tiny, glimmering hint of good.

  9. I actually watched, for the first time, a replay of Josh Hamilton hit 28 homers in round 1 on Sunday. I only watched it because my kids wanted to see it. After it was over, they both said, "What's the point if it doesn't count?" I agree with that sentiment. And I absoulutely cannot stand to hear Berman and Morgan...ever. I don't ever want another Ranger to participate because it screws up your swing.

  10. I loved that Bobby Valentine predicted that Jose Ortiz would win the Derby....ESPN's suckitude has been off the charts for years...but the HRD is a nice showcase for all that is wrong with the network. I'm surprised that they didn't didn't try to cram Brett Favre, LeBron, and Skip Bayless into booth at some point.

  11. I don't know which is worse:

    Chris Berman and Joe Morgan


    Tim McCarver and Joe Buck

    That's like choosing between cyanide and millions of paper cuts if forced to choose a method of suicide.

    It makes me wish that the MLB Network would just take over All-Star Game broadcast duties entirely, and some other network (Fox or whomever) can just carry it.

    Never thought I'd say that, either.

  12. The AS game was brutal as well, I will agree there. Especially when Chris whoever said that David Wright was pitching for the AL...

    I think it would be ok with MLB Network doing the broadcast, but then again it would also be ok with no announcers as far as I'm concerned. Just use the sound of the actual game and the stadium announcer.