July 8, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome Case ordered

I pre-ordered a base of 2010 Bowman Chrome today for a really great price. The street release date on this product isn't until October so there is no need for immediate payment since I don't need a deposit.

I would like everyone paid by September 1st this way I can pay before the release and I will go pick up the case.

If you are in the 206 break and would like to keep your team for Bowman Chrome, let me know. They get first crack at their teams for this break. Any team not paid by Sept. 1 will be open to everyone.

Ohhh, I guess you want to know how much this is going to cost. Here's the kicker. It works out to $27 per person (29 teams, which means no Nationals), plus shipping. So for the break of this case I would like to collect $31 per person.

I am going on the assumption that $4 will be enough to purchase a 200 count box and postage like the 206.

If you want the Nationals in this break, there is no Stephen Strasburg. Our deal when we first started the break with the 206 was to sell any Strasburg cards we pulled to sell those to recoup money on the case for the participants.

Here is where we need your help: For the Team USA cards, I am sure that there are many people including myself who would love to have these. I will not offer these as a team to anyone. We have some options on how to distribute them and we would like your feedback.

1.) After the break, the USA cards will be placed in a pile. I will add everyone who participated into random.org and each person gets a card. The cards will be in no specific order, just the way they were piled.

2.) Random.org can determine an order first, as the packs are opened the card will be awarded in order of opening.

3.) USA cards awarded to teams with no hits.

4.) USA cards sold for profit and money is split amongst participants.

Please leave your choice or a suggestion in the comments for everyone to see. We can always re-post a vote later on once we have feedback from those participating.

Teams as of right now that are claimed:

Yankees - Sooz/Marie
Cardinals - Marie
Blue Jays - Marie (with option of Lind-less Jays split with LFB)
Tigers - Dan T.
Royals - Greg L.

If you would like to claim a team please do so in the comments. I'm looking forward to this break, we got a GREAT price on this case.

EDIT: The teams listed here are people who responded claiming their team from 206. Those who own a team in 206 get first pick.


  1. Astros, and option 2 is my choice

  2. Oh and I like option 2. I'll PM you tomorrow and probably pay as well.

  3. I am not taking the A's in this break. Kevin Kouzmanoff is not in, so I am out!

    A's are open to the world.

  4. I will gladly take you up on the Lind-less offer.

    As for the USA cards, I like the randomizinator idea.

  5. Nick, no one gets the Nationals. Please read previous posts

  6. I'll take the M's again and can pay tomorrow. Any of the options are fine with me.

  7. I'll be in for the Bravos... randomize a list and give the USA cards to each person on teh list in the order they're pulled....

  8. Of course my dumbass didn't read the whole blog. I'm really sorry about that. If possible, I'll take the Reds.

  9. I'll take the Pirates. Payment will be sent shortly. Thanks!

  10. OK, maybe not shortly. Where do I send payment to?? HAHA

  11. Hitman, do you have the Pirates in the 206 break? If not, that person gets first opportunity to buy them. Let me know.

  12. No, I don't have the Pirates in the 206 break, sorry.

  13. Since I had the O's in the T206 Break, I'm going to take them again in the Bowman Chrome Case. payment being sent momentarily.


  15. I'll take the Marlins for this break as well...