July 15, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Mojo on eBay

While I pull cards of trees and sailors there are people pulling amazingly "mojo-esque" cards. I have no interest in these cards for my PC but I wouldn't mind pulling one to sell for some money to pay for school. I also thought some of you guys who love Ginter or plan on buying more to try and pull any of these cards would like to see what was pulled and what they were going for currently.

Beethoven Hair DNA Relic 1/1

Alexander Hamilton Hair DNA Relic 1/1

Jackie Kennedy Hair DNA Relic 1/1

I plan to watch these just to see where they end up.

1 comment:

  1. I think it would be cool to pull a venom sample from a venomous duck! Better yet a chin hair from the bearded circus lady. Perhaps it would be totally insane to pull a a piece of Frosty the snowman's poop card.

    I found a box of A&G at our local Wal Mart. I pulled a "piece of a man's loin cloth swimwear" card. My daughter looks at me and goes, "Dad...why would you want someone's swim trunks? That's not very sanitary because he might've pee'd in the water when he had those on." She does bring up a good point! LOL!