June 29, 2010

What the $!%* is going on?

Yeah, so I go to eBay to see if there are any Stephen Strasburg Allen & Ginter minis floating around yet.

So far, I found one (auction link).

What in the world?

I get a the superfractor going for an insane price. I kind of get the his base cards going for a pretty penny, but I am not sure I get where all this is actually going.

His cards are just absolutely ridiculous right now. If this card goes for over a grand, what are his autos from this set going to be worth?

Goodness, you might as well buy a case of this just to grab one or two of these cards. It would pay for the whole case and perhaps even then some.

It's a crazy world out there!


  1. On the upside, spending over $15 with that seller gets you free shipping!

    I call shenanigans on this whole boondoggle. Have we not options to gamble in every convenience store?

  2. And what about his jerseys? Like this: http://bit.ly/9d1yMz

  3. What's going on? Ripoff fraud, apparently.

    There seems to be something going around that a lot of earlier case breakers haven't pulled the mini and that the photos on the auctions are not scans but publicity photos.

    If Topps didn't seed any into A&G, I think it's brillant. Capitalize on the Strausgasms that people are having and use Strasburg as an excuse to release a A&G update set.

    a&g, mostly yawn. If anything, I"ll pick up some non-sport singles because I've enjoyed the inventors, scientists and landmarks singles of the past and i'll have to see what non-sport groupings were put in this year's release.

  4. Looks like the auction was yanked

  5. This will all end badly I'm afraid.


  6. Word has it that the early case/box breakers haven't pulled a Strasburg even though Topps confirmed a regular Strasburg mini.

    Over 100 cases have been reported opened so far, no Strasburg.

    Topps = FAIL

  7. Maybe it's a Target or Walmart exclusive! lol

  8. I think this will be a high valued card when it does come out because I think it will be one of the minis that can only be pulled out of rip cards. Isn't that where the extra minis that aren't part of the regular set fall?