June 1, 2010

What do I do with these cards?

Looking through Kevin Kouzmanoff in Topps Series 2, I saw that he had one of the hat patch cards.

My first concern was, do I really want to pick up this card where it shows an A's logo from last year's Independence Day celebration when Kouzmanoff wasn't on the team yet. Then, I looked closer.

That is not Kevin Kouzmanoff in that picture. Not only is that not Kevin Kouzmzanoff, but that man has never worn an A's uniform. It took me a few minutes to realize it was Chase Headley, this season's third baseman for the Padres. Headley played third in the minors, but moved to the outfield when he was brought up because Kouz played third. Kouz was traded in the offseason to Oakland and Headley moved back to third.

Then, I did more research on eBay and found this card:

Chase Headley's patch card EXCEPT that is Kouz pictured on top of the card.

So, now here comes my dilemma. I want to own every Kouz card I can. That's just the way I am as a player collector. However, in this situation of comedic errors, his name is one card and his picture is on another.

The options are:
A. Buy the card with his name
B. Buy the card with his photo
C. Buy both cards and glue them back-to-back (This was suggested by the boyfriend)
D. Forget both card and pretend like they do not exist because they are just so badly misrepresented.

What do you guys think I should do and what would you do if this happened to one of your players?

By the way, if you want to see more patch cards from Topps Series 2, click here.

Click Here


  1. catch-22 in Early June?: wait for A&G.

  2. I think you meant to say Chase is the current third baseman for the Padres. Topps f#### up again, are they really this stupid or are they manufacturing errors, I mean they had to photoshop the Headley photo to get him in an A's Uniform

  3. Back when it was still possible to actually obtain every card of the player you collected, I would have felt the need to acquire both of these cards.

    Now, since that's clearly impossible, I think I'd just pretend that they never existed.

  4. Buy a REALLY fat top loader and put hem both in there back to back.

  5. forget they both exist... that's what I did last year with UD's jersey card of Adam LaRoche. Of course, they put his brother, Andy, on the card.
    I do not have it, nor do I want it. It would only remind me of the bad things in this hobby every time I look at it, and I want to focus on the good.

  6. Thanks for the catch, Rod.

    My options are down get both or get none. I'm still so conflicted.

  7. I say get them both, and display them next to each other.

  8. I think that you unleash your inner Olbermann (do we even have one of those? I hope not...), and make a mad, frothy, no-check-is-too-medium dash to acquire both, so you can have the world's only(?) error Chevin Headzanoffley franken-friend relic card set.

  9. since it's a fake patch card, option D.

    if it were a real patch card, I would have different thoughts on the question.