June 2, 2010

Upper Deck brings in new president, what is he thinking?

If Upper Deck called right now with a job, I'm don't think I would take it. I have a hard enough time working in the newspaper business, but my company isn't in dire straights. The same can't be said for Upper Deck, who I feel has been treading water for some time, especially after a number of lawsuits and layoffs.

Upper Deck announced Paul Meyer as the new president in a press release.

Someone had to have the job, but I have to wonder why him? His most recent job was the president and COO of Shuffle Master, which I know has done well. Living near Atlantic City, I've seen their stamp everywhere. Perhaps, Shuffle Master has flooded the market so much, there is no more growth.

What amazed me about Shuffle Master was that I was told from a number of people that the machines were rented by the casinos and not bought from the company, which means that the company has a steady influx of money.

The same can't be said for Upper Deck, whose remaining licenses include NCAA, NFL Players' Association (not the NFL), NHL and NHLPA, lacrosse, and Marvel comics.

“What do I look forward to most? Probably working with Upper Deck’s Product Development Team to identify ‘the next big thing,’” he said in a press release.

Me too, Mr. Meyer, me too.

I'm not trashing Meyer. I'm just curious as to why he would take the job.

Good luck Mr. Meyer and feel free to contact us for an interview or to reach out any time ;-)

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Update: Perhaps, I should have done some Googling before I posted this. Maybe Meyer is the right person for the job since Shuffle Master knows a little bit about lawsuits.

According to this article from the Las Vegas Sun in February, "Three lawsuits were filed in June 2007 in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas claiming Shuffle Master and certain officers had engaged in fraudulent accounting practices, including the improper recognition of revenue from intercompany inventory transfers."


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  1. Here what Upper Deck should do with its NFLPA. Put out a huge set (like 1000s) players (head shots). This way include alot of players who have never appeared on cards. Put it on 2010 MLS card stock and sell it cheaply. Put it in Target and Walmart stores and it will find its niche.

  2. Meh. The hobby already has enough of a lottery / gambling mentality, seeking out golden Strasburg tickets and speculating on high-schoolers.

    So, a former chief of a casino supply company, desperate to find "that next big thing", is a good idea for the industry?

    Like my Dad would say about a few things, "No good can come of this."

  3. I would take the UD head job if offered. I'd love the challenge of trying to be new blood in the company and see if a change in the S.O.S. ways of doing business might turn around the company, get the balance sheet healthy, and maybe even get back the MLB/NFL, etc. licenses eventually if the licensing arms of those leagues can see that UD is on stronger financial ground.

  4. I would've asked to see the company financials before interviewed for the job!! Did you notice Richard's new role is "Visionary?" I wonder if this new hiring is really just a front and Richard still calls ths shots!!

  5. Upper Decks product development team (PDT) is a joke! Their idea of innovation is to pin up everything their competitors are doing and just rehash it to look better.

    I worked at UD for three years. Did contract work for them for another ten years and they took the work I created on the last two projects for NHL and NFL and totally ghosted me on payment to the tune of 10K.

    But I'm the least of the sub-contractors they've stolen from. Lots of photographers never got paid for work they did too.

    Instead of hail mary hire how about they take that money and pay off the people they owe money too.

    The biggest problem with UD is the fact they let their marketing control everything. If they would have moved on many of the ideas the creative team had years ago it would have made them millions but ironically no one from the creative team was on the PDT.

    The ship is still going down IMO.