June 15, 2010

Updated notes on Allen & Ginter

Topps Allen and Ginter is a fan favorite (just not a fan over here). However, getting these cards and playing a little Gint-A-Cuffs is fun past time in cardboard blogging land.

A few notes were passed on yesterday via Twitter on A&G. Thought I would pass along the info in case anyone did not see it.

First, the street date is June 30. We will obviously see these cards before then because sellers on eBay usually have the cards up a good two to three days ahead of time. Initially, the street date with June 23, but it looks to have been pushed back a week.

Second, Stephen Strasburg will be included in the set. He will have a mini base card and a redemption auto. That's it. So those on the lookout for his cards only have two to look for. Good luck finding either one of those.

Now back to our regular cardboard problems.

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  1. I have decided that since I have gone so overboard with Bowman, I am not buying a single pack of A&G. I will fight the urge and possibly cause myself bodily harm if I do. With that said, know anymore stores that have Bowman in stock?

  2. I'll buy the occasional pack so long as the prices aren't jacked up due to the Strasburg factor. I'm NOT paying a premium for a card I likely won't pull. This isn't 1989 Upper Deck!

    Seriously though, I'm with you and am not the biggest fan of Ginter, at least not to the levels of others 'round these parts.