June 15, 2010

Sweet Spot Strasburg cards

Occasionally I like to type in his name and sort by highest price first just to see what crazy prices pop up. I came across the usual crazy ones that we have featured on here and in the contest. What I wasn't aware of is that Strasburg has a little collection of auto's in the 2008 Sweet Spot.

I opened a boatload of 2008 Sweet Spot, and obviously didn't pull a card of him and when you look at the serial numbering on these you will understand why most of us never saw one. The first one I found looked fake to me,2008 Sweet Spot Strasburg ball auto but upon a little further investigating they all looked basically the same. That one struck me as bad stitching, but it's probably just quality control. This one looks a little bit better, 2008 Sweet Spot Strasburg ball auto #2.

Now, if you need solid evidence that this young phenom is truly a rookie just check out these two cards:

2008 Sweet Spot Strasburg thumbprint

2008 Sweet Spot Strasburg thumbprint #2

I know signing his first few autographs must have been very exciting, but this ink was not magic quick dry ink. Why is he sticking his finger smack on the middle of the auto? Does this add value because you now have an auto with a fingerprint? I know players charge for inscriptions so maybe there are only 37 of the ball auto and 32 of the glove because to have the fingerprint was costly to Upper Deck.... One clean black glove sold for $800, and am curious to see what the cards with the prints sell for now.

There is also an uber rare 2008 Sweet Spot /10 of Strasburg.... it's the brown glove signature one. There was only one completed listing for that card, and none currently on eBay.

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