June 27, 2010

Sunday Question

We had a contest going here where if you guess the ending price of the Stephen Strasburg 2010 Bowman auto 1/1 (auction link), you would win six Topps Million cards.

Not one person saw where this crazy auction was going even if it is legitimate. The numbers have bounced around too. The auction was near one million dollars, then dropped to around $500K. The auction sits at $225K right now. The seller has finally started to pre-approve bidders, which accounts for the change in price. Took long enough considering there is just a little over a day on the auction, but that price is still crazy.

The question is, what to do about the contest? Do I give it to the person that guessed the highest amount or have a new contest?

I'm inclined to just give it to the person who guessed the highest before the deadline, but I am open to suggestions.

Update: And, now the Strasburg auto has ended with no sale. Looks like the seller got sick of the auction. I'm curious where it goes from here. So, now, I definitely have no winner.


  1. I say you give it to the person who came the closest when it's all over. Whether they overshot the final price or came under wouldn't matter, just who came the closest.

  2. I did not participate in this contest, but due to the farcical nature of the auction, I think you should hold a new closed contest for all of the previous participants.

    - Reader Steve

  3. I wouldn't put it past the seller of the auto Strapsborg to give up on the auction right now, get the card graded, and then post it again later.

  4. auction off one of the topps million cards yourself and then have a contest to see who can guess the price of the topps mill card and award the closest guess the remaining cards.

  5. Just give them to me. Problem solved. Just kidding. I like the Hobby Enthusiast's idea of another contest for the participants.

  6. I do believe there were a handfull from the first round of the contest that predicted it would not sell.

    I think they get randomized to choose a winner.

  7. Yea... I like Hobby Enthusiasts idea