June 13, 2010

Sunday Question

Hi, my name is Sooz and I'm a 2010 Bowman addict.

I haven't bought a pack of Bowman in eight days.

I've spent $315 on 2010 Bowman product. I only sold one card (a Strasburg chrome) for $35, so I'm still into this product for $280 and I have no idea why.

How much 2010 Bowman have you bought and do you plan on buying anymore?

I'm done with 2010 Bowman. .... I think.

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  1. I plan on buying a few more retail packs here and there until I can start trading doubles for the complete set. Honestly, I am not chasing Strasburg (but I am keeping track of how long it takes to pull one on my blog.) I just enjoy Bowman prospecting, and really enjoy the 2010 set.

  2. I'm about 200$ in and I only sold a Straburgh Insert for like 5$.

    I don't know if I'm done yet, my Autos are low and I like the autos.

    BUt the boxes are pricy as hell, damn.

  3. My next two TWICs will be
    One retail blaster, $19.99
    One Rays Team set 1.95
    One Blue Longoria 2.95
    (among some other things from Bleacher Seats)
    total $24.89

    2010 Bowman complete

  4. So far I've spent $30 on 2010 Bowman (1 blaster and 2 rack packs). I'm cutting back on my card purchasing until I can get better organized and get cards put away.

  5. sooz,

    when you get to the point of selling off sets for $5 just to get your next fix, gimmee a shout.

  6. Canuck, I may send you a bunch of my Braves cards anyway just because I have no desire for any of the cards.

  7. I'm only buying singles from this product, so I am only $34.51 in...so far ;)

    I am snatching up blue refractors here and there of Bryce Brentz because a) low buy in, b) Red Sox prospect and c) trying my hand at the prospect thing again, so why not hop in on a decently priced, solid college bat prospect in the Red Sox system?

  8. I haven't found any yet, it is sold out everywhere. I will spend an unlimited amount when I find it.

  9. Hello Sooz, welcome to the group. The first step to recovery is admitting you have an addiction.

    With A&G hitting the streets soon, cleaning your system of Bowman is a good idea. The good news is that you're not addicted to Bowman Chrome, as Chrome withdraw is painful for many addicts.

    Eight days is a good start. Following the 12 step program will help with your recovery. As part of your commitment to being clean, all Target employees in your surrounding area were informed of your condition and will no longer sell you Bowman.

    If you stay clean, an intervention won't be required.

  10. I was thinking that you may have had me beat there, Sooz. But upon further review...(square root of 90...carry the two...)

    I believe I am down $327 if my memory serves me. I have my Strasburg Chrome on the Bay as we speak and so far it isn't looking good (I think it's about $3). So that doesn't even recoup 1 rack pack yet. Hopefully that will change. Unfortunately, I can't say I am done either.

    It's like when you know something is going to be the hot item so you buy them up (see Cabbage Patch dolls, Tickle Me Elmos, etc.). My problem is I just can't seem to bring myself to try and get rid of them once I get them.

  11. I haven't bought any yet, and don't really plan on it. I might pick up some Reds singles if I see them cheap enough, but I'm not a big fan of the Bowman scam.

  12. 3 blasters, 6 jumbo packs, 22 retail packs.


  13. I've spent $20 on one blaster and I got a Strasburg Chrome that I just sold on eBay for $32...so I'm ahead $12!

    Since I can't find any packs @ retail or the local card shop I may be done with this product. I'm not trying to build it and I'll probably end up listing what I have in hopes of trading it off for Braves from the set or for Braves cards in general.

  14. I'm not an addict, just smart.

    $80 spent on 2010 Bowman and to show for it, I have 1-220 base set, BP1-BP110 prospect set, and BP1-BP110 chrome prospect set. That's all I need for the PC.

    Not bad for about what one hobby box first went for -- or a fraction of the current prices of a hobby box or jumbo box.

  15. I'm about $400 in and the only card I'm in the process of selling is a Bryce Harper refractor. I've put the entire set together and will now parcel off all the autos and the rest of the refractors and extra chrome so I can continue to collect for free.