June 6, 2010

Sunday question

With the MLB Draft starting tomorrow, I want to know how many of you will be watching.

The MLB Draft is unlike the football draft. In football, a guy gets drafted who can immediately make an impact on your team. A college football player can get drafted and can start for your team that season.

Baseball is no where near like that.

The closest we have seen is Stephen Strasburg who got drafted last year and is supposed to make his debut on Tuesday. Guys don't normally get rocketed through the minors that way.

What's your interest level in the MLB Draft and will you spend the next three days watching?


  1. Honestly...zero. Zero interest in the draft, with the exception of maybe the first round but I doubt I will watch it. I will probably look it up after the fact just to see what future player the Pirates are going to trade away.

  2. If I think about it, I'll turn it on just to see if I recognize more than two names. But, really, not interested until they walk onto a major league field.

  3. I'll definitely be watching tomorrow night & monitoring tuesday & wednesday when I'm at work.

    This is one of my most favourite things in the baseball calendar...I follow all the mock drafts, watch prospect videos etc.

  4. Mike Leake was also drafted last year. He's been up with the Reds since the start of the season and has been pitching very well. I think the fact that he skipped the minors completely is much more impressive than Strasburg, but he's not getting anywhere near the amount of attention. Strasburg's teammate Drew Storen, also from last year's draft, has beat Strasburg to the big leagues, but since he's a reliever it hasn't drawn as much attention. So, last year's draft was a bit of an anomaly in terms of how quickly some of the top picks arrive in the bigs. I'd expect Harper to get to DC fairly quickly after he's drafted as well.

    I like to find out what players the Sox drafted and check out the first 10 or so picks. That's about the extent of my interest. The Sox seem to have all of their luck in compensation picks anyway. They've landed much better players with those sandwich picks than many other teams grabbed in the top 10 in those years.

    Like Night Owl said, there's not much interest until they make it to the bigs. I'm especially not going to get too eager about a pitcher before they've proven themselves and show some durability. Anyone collecting in 1991 will definitely remember Mr. Todd Van Poppel.

  5. as Offy mentioned above, Mike Leake has actually contributed at the major league level and may be the biggest reason the Reds are doing so well.

    I like the draft, to learn the players - and it is a good opportunity to look back at the past drafts.

    really many football players don't make a yr 1 impact either - even the biggest football fans couldn't tell you what the heck influence a new lineman is going to do for their teams.

  6. If I followed college baseball at all, I suppose I'd be interested. I'll check the paper on Tuesday to see who the Mets took in the first round & if any New Jersey kids were selected in the early rounds by anybody.

    I generally don't worry about minor leaguers until they hit AA.