June 9, 2010

Strasburg's first RC - AKA the card I didn't win

Stephen Strasburg made his debut for the Washington Nationals last night in impressive fashion. He had 14 strikeouts over seven innings. His pitches were just nasty and had tons of life on them.

Once he was out of the game, Topps announced that his first official rookie card - not the one that sold for a ridiculous price on eBay - was available on its Topps Million site. As of 11 a.m Monday, just 22 of them had been redeemed on the Topps Million site.

The picture of from the game last night.

None of them were me. I put in 11 codes - even though I had 12. One of the codes I tried to redeem set the code has been used already, which is pretty annoying because I pulled the card out of a jumbo box of Topps Series 2 last week.

Anyone out there get the Strasburg?

Amazingly none of these cards have appeared on eBay just yet (update - they are now, check the link). Not even as pre-sale where it says you will get the card once they have redeemed it.

UPDATE: One of these cards has found its way on to eBay and sold for $350! (auction link)


  1. Is the pie in the face parallel out as well??

  2. The pie variant will probably wait for the Update & Highlights set, to further aggravate set collectors. :)

  3. there's a buy it now for 800/obo.

  4. What ever happened to sanctity of the base set? I remember when completing a set meant something, giving me a sense of completion. Over the past 15 or so years, Topps is driving me crazy with adding short printed cards to the end, skipping #7, etc....

  5. I managed to snag one of these, and I am debating whether to sell or hold it. Any updated idea of how many of these there are?

  6. Nathan, as of 12:40 a.m. on Friday morning, 64 have been found. Congrats on snagging that card.

  7. Yeah, I have never looked before, so I just figured out how to see how many had been unlocked. Thanks.