June 30, 2010

Strasburg Finest redemption #6

So, now that the news is trickling that Stephen Strasburg is Finest redemption #6, I'm sure eBay is going crazy.

Let's take a look together (link).

The Finest gold redemption is quickly escalating in price.

The Strasburg phenomena is becoming very interesting to me. He's drawing in casual and non-collectors to the scene, nevermind the ones who have never left.

The question I have though, are people collecting the cards for future investment (I don't see how you can profit on getting these cards) or do people just want to own the best Strasburg collection out there?

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  1. I'm keeping the ones that I think could grade BGS 9.5+. I have 8...1 purple refractor, 2 chromes, 3 base, and 1 expectations and 1 T100. I've been fortunate to have pulled 22 total and made nice profits on the 14 I've sold. I've also have been buying every blaster I've come across and selling about half at an average price of $35. So I'm almost even and have 8 great cards of him. I'm going to send them off for grading when I get back from vacation and sell any 10's and keep the 9.5's.

  2. EBAY is amazing! Where else could you list a horribly flawed card as a 1/1 and actually sell it at a premium price.

    Think the people bidding on this auction have been in the hobby long?