June 21, 2010

Strasburg eTopps allocated

We waited - not so long. Topps issued Stephen Strasburg as part of last week's eTopps release. With a 1,999 limit, not everyone got their cards.

I put in for five. Yep, I'm greedy, but ended with one. I figured I would only get one, but thought I would go for a handful anyway.

Funny this is, I haven't even received the email yet from Topps telling me how many I "won." I hopped on my account to check it out and saw one sitting in my portfolio. eTopps also gives the option of checking to see the auctions on eBay of that card.

As of 7:37 p.m., 33 are already online. The cards ending soonest are selling for $30 or more.

Did you pick up any of these coveted cards? If you missed out on them, do you plan on purchasing on eBay?

All questions I wonder while sitting on the couch starting at eBay.

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  1. 30+ dollars for eTopps?

    Jesus christ... It's really great for the hobby.

  2. There are now over 100 of these on eBay.

    I put in for 4 cards and got 1.

    $30+ isn't that great of a sale for this card considering the Pujols 206 eTopps can be sold for $25, not that I am selling mine.

  3. I got 1 also. I completely forgot about it until I read this post!

  4. The bids are getting crazy. $76 with 15 bids! I got one. My first etopps purchase since '03. If I can make $725.04 on it, I will make up for the 80% loss in my portfolio...

    Anyone want an '01 Bobby Bradley? :)

  5. I got 1 also. I plan on using it in the contest they have and then sell it.

  6. Just like w/ Jason Heyward's eTopps I was shut out. Zilch. Nada. None. Not planning on purchasing either on eBay either.

  7. Funny thing is, I did get my eTopps Steepin Strapsborg (I got 1 out of the hallucinatory 5 that I ordered), but I got shut out on the 2 of Mike Stantons that I ordered, who was the RRO for the week.

    I also got the 1 David (Mister) Freese that I ordered; that must be the most ignored eTopps IPO card ever, between the Stanton and the Strapsborg.

  8. I put in for two and got shut out. Of course, my whole reason was to flip it, so probably better anyway. Though, like PRP, turning a nice profit would at least make me feel as if eTopps hadn't completely sucked my bank account dry when I was heavy into it.