June 9, 2010


(Title provided by Flash.)

So today I went to Target to look for Bowman. I have no reason to give you as to why, but it's like I'm possessed and need to go. I go to the Target closest to my house which had them first, and find that they again for the 5th day, have nothing. I drive a couple miles up the highway to Target #2, look around and almost gave up until I saw the box... There was about half a box left, now they have none.

They are all MINE! MINE! MINE! Egggggcelllent Smithers.

I opened one pack so far, and Strasburg was not in it. J.R. Murphy (Yankees) was though.

If anyone wants to know what I got in the packs leave a comment and I will do a post tomorrow or later tonight with the Wonka bars, I mean, Bowman packs.

I am not going to say that I also tried a K-Mart after the gym this afternoon. But if I did go, I would say that they had nothing new, same old discounted blasters.

Does anyone else have the SS Fever?


  1. I'm interested. And if there are any purple refractors...I'll find Yankees for you.

  2. My addiction has been well documented...and I am ashamed.

    Okay, I'm over it.

  3. "I love how you tent your fingers when you say excellent..."

  4. packs have been opened. loot coming up at some point.

  5. Ya know....I have no desire to collect this guy. You wanna know why??? Two Words: MARK PRIOR

    What's funnier is I have no desire to chase after Bryce Harper either. He's gonna be an athlete with an attitude that's twice the size of Barry Bond's attitude. Just watch and see.....just watch and see.

  6. Tim, Sooz and I had the same conversation earlier about Prior. I don't intend to collect Strasburg, at this point I am just annoyed that I have yet to get ONE card out of all the packs I have opened. I have one base card that someone sent me.

    I was hopeful to pull one chrome to possibly keep, but at this point I don't see it happening.

  7. I went crazy when in DC at the Nats game and bought his jersey.....before he made a start in the bigs. I bought it May 21st. Craziest thing I've ever done. I spent May 28th trying to get him to sign it at SWB game in vain.

  8. shoot, I balked at Topps Tribute...why drag that stadium seat/rediculous parallel garbage out again? Oh that's right, no competition.
    I actually really liked Platinum football...bought one blaster and got white shanchez and an auto. Then again, I am a consistent sucker for simplicity.

  9. The only reason I said about Bryce is look at his attitude...he's already been served a two game suspension in college (which he won't serve). He dropped out of High School (at least he went and got a GED). He whines at the umpires ALOT over called pitches. Now the Nationals are gonna sign some ridiculous amount of cash to a hot headed 17 yr old??? There's gonna be nothing but trouble down the road for this kid if he doesn't clean up his act.

    As for Strasburg...Let's see what he can do in a whole season first. There are other players who deserve more hobby credentials and accolades then what he does what now. Just sick of the hype and TOPPS little scheming plan of selling big prices on his exclusivity and they knew this crap way ahead of time. AND GOD I HOPE I'M WRONG ABOUT HIM...but somehow I fear I'm not.

  10. I have straslash, quite the opposite of SS fever