June 1, 2010

Second of three 2010 Bowman Strasburg 1/1s found

Stephen Strasburg's superfractor auction ended at an absurd amount. Now, his base 1/1 red parallel has popped up on eBay (link).

The auction is set to end the day before he makes his June 8 Major League debut. The best part is the free shipping :-)

Chrome usually does better than its base counterpart, but this card is already above 1,000 bucks and it hasn't even been on eBay for 24 hours.

Does this card reach anything like the superfractor? Any guess?


  1. Is it just me, or is there some slight border chipping about 2/3 of the way up on the right side, and possibly towards the left on the top as well?

  2. 9 Grand... prolly
    And Shane it does appear so, but honestly. Someone dropped 16gs on the Non auto Chrome 1/1. Obviously these are not rational people. The bidders wont even notice.

  3. I think Swag is right. No one who bids on this really wants this card. They are just trying to "buy low, sell high". Unfortunately I think the bottom is about to drop out. Imagine if he goes out there and stinks up the joint in his debut. I realize it's only one outing but first impressions weigh heavy in this industry

  4. Not sure. I think "fractors" are worth at least $5000, and the "super" on top of the fractors adds about another $7000.

    This card has neither "fractors" nor "super".

    Rather, it is "red" and "plain", with no auto.

    I'm guessing no more than $4500.

    What kind of economy are we in where stupid dollars like this make sense, again? Is this 1998?