June 16, 2010

Ouch: Topps redemption #1 NOT Strasburg

Topps announced this morning the first redemption in 2010 Topps Series 2 Red Hot Redemptions. It was the card everyone has been waiting for, the card everyone has been paying a good chunk of money to get.

Drumroll .................................

Cleveland Indians rookie Carlos Santana!

We just wrote about this and the possibility that Stephen Strasburg would end up as rookie redemption #1. Those cards were selling for a good price on eBay just a few days ago.While auctions that are ending in a few hours are still going for good prices, I wonder if the seller learns about this before the auction is over if 1. the seller retracts their bid or 2. ends up just not paying.

I wish I were a bookie so I can start putting odds on the cards on which ones will be Strasburg.

Interesting to note (or not) is that the Finest Rookie Redemptions and the Topps Series 2 redemptions have yet to lap over. Five out of the 10 Finest rookies have been announced and just one for Topps Series 2, but so far we have six rookies and no Strasburg.


  1. Strasburg will be one of the higher numbers... that will give topps more opportunity to gouge collectors into buying more and more wax....

    if he had been #1, there'd be no value in any of the other numbers...

  2. Looks like our #8's just took an uptick in value. :)

  3. Just let me know when a redemption of Brennan Boesch is available, then count me in...you can keep the Strasburg cards.

  4. I'll bet they don't make Strasburg one of the redemptions at all. Would be just like Topps to only issue him via gimmickry and exclusive factory-set only fashion.

  5. Actually, GCA, that sounds a lot like Fleer.