June 10, 2010

No more Wonka Bars or 2010 Bowman

I think I might be over my fascination with the 2010 Bowman. I could also be in Target as you read this, so you should only half believe me. After going on a wild goose chase yesterday looking for any 2010 Bowman to open, I found a heap of packs and rather than leave any behind, I took them all. (Fool.)

For those of you that still care, or need a fix without having any around to buy you can look at what I (didn't) get in my packs. I only scanned the "highlights", ahem.

And no, still no Strasburg of any kind. Bowman - alot, Marie - zero. I half want to build the Topps 100 set and the 92 set, but will end up doing neither of them. If anyone has purchased too many of these and would like to try and trade base for base/chrome for chrome to build the set, let me know. I have a ton of doubles, some chromes I even have triples which is terrible. I'd like to have at least a complete base set after all of this and will have to see what I am missing.


  1. I cracked at target yesterday, wanted 2010 bowman...Nothing. they had 10pks 2008 in the bargain bin. I bought it. posting later...not nearly as readable as your purplefractors. (I secretly adore them)

  2. I'm doing the Bowman set including the inserts. Check my site for my wants/haves.


  3. Are you interested in J.R. Murphy Purple? I'd be willing to let go of it for help completing chrome, topps 100 or expectations sets

  4. Chris, I didn't see your Bowman for trade on there? Did I miss it or?

  5. I have several inserts from bowman that I am not keeping and would be happy to trade.
    , and

    sruchris, you have a wantlist that would take me days and a 1000count box to take on...I might be into it.

  6. I just now posted my Bowman doubles.

  7. It makes me want to design a font called "Wilmer".

    Or maybe, "Wilmer Sans Control".