June 28, 2010

I love street release dates

Because they mean we'll see the card two to three days ahead of time. EBay sellers cannot keep their cases closed once they get the cards in hand.

So, 2010 Allen and Ginter is set to go live on June 30, we actually have auctions for single cards already on eBay.

Anything fun, you ask?

Well, let's see:

- Sailors of the Seven Seas
- World's wordsmiths (I may actually collect this set)
- Lords of Olympus
- Monsters of the Mesozoic
- National Animals

For Marie, there is an Adam Lind GU jersey card.


  1. I'm not too crazy about this year's crop of mini inserts. I like the animal set though.

  2. I am busting a box for gint-a-cuffs and cannot wait for my pre-paid order to get here!!